Chef Ambassadors


What we are looking for:

We would benefit from you posting about our partnership on your social media channels. These posts would help us bring awareness to STEM learning and healthy eating. You will also help us with our reach. Indeed if one chef starts talking about us on social media, it will help with visibility

The benefits for you

We can give you a referral links which when used by viewers to download, you can get a share of the sale (50% of each new subscription). Looking for  state-of-the-art recipes for use in elementary schools (ages 5 to 11)  Your ability to create gluten free and healthy substitutes will benefit our dietary inclusive app, and we can provide you brand recognition to a large audience. 

Mutual benefits

Your recipes will have their signature on it and you will be getting promotion through us and gain popularity in the American market.  You will also be helping parents and children to get a better understanding of eating healthy, thus creating social impact

Chefs we already work with: