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STEAM education with Cooking

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Parents & Teachers: In response to the COVID19 global crisis,

we are creating additional Grade specific content for K-5

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Response to COVID-19

Chef Koochooloo’s roots were cultivated from passionate advocacy for the welfare of children everywhere. Even through these tumultuous times, our objectives remain the same, and we are working to produce easily-implementable content for the use of teachers, parents, and students. 

Our Native apps are free for all educators including parents due to the Covid pandemic and ensuing educational crises. We are also happy to share our up and coming grade-specific curriculum, aligned with NGSS, NCSS, ELA, and IB Standards. Please Contact Us, if you would like to have additional curriculum that is not yet present in our app.

What is Chef Koochooloo?

Chef Koochooloo is a technological platform that teaches kids Social Responsibility, Global Competency, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) through cooking healthy international recipes, via dynamic educational apps, interactive services, and engaging curriculum.

Our enrichment program blends humanity’s oldest means of socialization—cooking and eating together—with its most modern academic lessons. Socially sensitive, relevant, and aligned with Common Core, New Generation Science Standards (NGSS) , IB and ELA standards, the student embarks on a delicious, scientific culinary journey, discovering new countries, cultures, and peoples.

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