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Chef Koochooloo is a gamified app that helps teach STEAM (science, technology, engineering and arts), through healthy cooking and dynamic technology. Our vision is to improve the health, happiness, and learning of children worldwide.

Delicious Lessons

We offer more than 150 diverse lessons that include yummy recipes and engaging material! 

Rigorous and Fun Curriculum

Our enrichment program is aligned with Common Core, New Generation Science Standards (NGSS) , IB and ELA standards. 

Build Tolerance and Global Competence

Students embark on a delicious, scientific culinary journey, discovering new countries, cultures, and peoples!

Building Real World Skills

Our enrichment program blends humanity’s oldest means of socialization—cooking and eating together—with academic lessons.

Step-By-Step Recipe Instructions

Embedded Assessments

Discover the World in Delicious Ways!

Check out our app in action! Compatible with Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones!

Version 1.2 Update

Version 1.2 is coming soon! We are creating new lessons with recipes from all over the world and introducing new characters and graphics to the game and curriculum. Stay tuned for more updates by joining our newsletter.

Our Partners


Ed Tech Engineering Military Veterans Only

Chef Koochooloo seeks a full stack developer and researcher, familiar with K-5 Education games, who is dedicated, and excited about making games that have a positive impact on society. 

As the team’s first technical consultant, you will play an integral role in helping the company shape the future of the technical architecture.

Right Hand to the CEO

  1. Design STEAM-related lesson plans, differentiated by grade level through easy and healthy recipes.
  2. Assist CEO in company related, as well as personal project that rise.
  3. Coordinate meetings with volunteers and interns, and provide feedback to their content.
  4. Assist in fundraising activities.
  5. Post on social media on a daily basis.

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