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I am pleased to write in support of the Chef Koochooloo curriculum. As Dean of the Mills College School of Education, I have the opportunity to review many different programs and assess their value to children during the school day and in after school programs. I was impressed by the thoughtful curriculum that Layla Sabourian has developed. After hearing about the curriculum and reviewing the videos, I can attest to its high quality and value to children. The recipes are clearly written and contain valuable information that will be interesting to children. Perhaps more importantly, this material introduces children to important social issues combined with thoughtful moral lessons about kindness and other positive attributes. The curriculum provides children with knowledge about several scientific properties such as the properties of matter and the effects of heat on solids and liquids. I imagine this curriculum will be engaging and educative for all children. I strongly endorse it.
Kathy Schultz, Dean and Professor, Mills College School of Education
As a pediatrician I emphasize the importance of preventive measures towards obesity with early intervention programs such as the Chef Koochooloo platform. Chef Koochooloo is ideal for children between the ages of 4-12, the students benefit from the early introduction of textures, smells and flavors that facilities sensory-motor processing, while benefiting from quantitative and qualitative measurements. Obesity is mainly related to environmental factors and habits that are nurtured early in life and often correlate with lower cognitive and social functions even in the general population. Thus the developments of programs such as Chef Koochooloo should become a priority in our public health education. I found the curriculum unique because of the simplicity of the teaching methods, the choice of recipes, and the interactions between peers and instructor. I also like the way the platform addresses cultural sensitivity and socials skills’ acquisition by discovering new countries and learning about their respective cultures. I suggest this program for all my patients specially those that are at risk of developing obesity, as well as those with problems with social skills and sensory processing issues.
Reymundo Lozano, M.D & College Professor, Mind Institute, UC Davis
As an academic I highly value the Chef Koochooloo curriculum. Their program is fostering social skills in a unique way. Communication is an important part of cooking with another person. Kids get a chance to read, understand and explain recipe steps, while taking turns and problem-solving any issues that pop up. The Chef Koochooloo cooking classes provide inspiration for meaningful conversations: I like how the instructors tell fun relevant facts about the country and origin of the recipe as kids mix the secret quince mixture for the Persian delights. The lessons are encouraging good eating habits and give kids the confidence and cultural curiosity to get creative in the kitchen, building lifelong habits of healthier eating. As an anthropologist, I simply love the way Chef Koochooloo brings up issues that affect kids world wide, and ignites meaningful conversations on how to help bring about positive change, encouraging responsibility and independence. The field of cultural anthropology has as a main aim helping students to better understand and appreciate cultures in various countries. The Chef Koochooloo cooking classes does this beautifully through teaching students about cultures of other countries, and will help them to appreciate cultural diversity.
Mary Elaine Hegland, Professor, Department of Anthropology, Santa Clara University
We have worked with Chef Koochooloo this year and our students and parents have found it to be an educational and engaging experience. Chef Koochooloo’s approach to merging culinary adventures with child relevant geography facts has enabled our students to have fun while learning cooking and safety skills.
Children who have been attending the Chef Koochooloo classes for the past weeks have begun to exhibit better knowledge about making healthy food choices, better attitudes about food and improved eating habits.
We love that Chef Koochooloo leverages everyday cooking to illuminate basic principles in physics and engineering, while teaching the kids social responsibility in a unique way that makes learning a truly global adventure.

I have been very impressed with the academic focus of the program and their focus on integrating math, science and geography into the curriculum.

We are pleased to be able to offer this program to our students and feel it has been of great benefit to those who have enrolled. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Sarah Tellez, Principal
The Oshman Family Jewish Community Center aspires to be a community that enriches lives builds the community and inspires the Jewish journey. Working with a person who can bring all ages together in one room has been a great asset to our Cooking Havurah class. Instead of working within the normal boundaries Chef Koochooloo has taught us to work together and across ages, showing us ways to interact without verbal skills; like teens working with toddlers, grandparents working with young adults. She has also shown families how to be more health conscience by preparing and consuming heathier non processed foods.

Part of Chef Koochooloo’s skill is being able to share her knowledge about geography, history, Jewish traditions and holidays then fitting these into what is cooked as a group. Because of Chef Koochooloo’s skills and expertise we now not only prepare food for ourselves but started “Cooking it forward,” sharing what we make with the seniors at our local memory unit home.

Overall working with Chef Koochooloo has taught all of us how to build a community together better, as well as continue to discover new ways to look at why we are doing it, giving it a story and pathway for those joining us in the future.

Robin E. Vasilakos , Community Engagement & Marketing


As the person responsible for managing after school programs for Fairwood Elementary School, I was impressed to see that Chef Koochooloo had one of the highest turnout rates of students that enrolled in the classes. Also, I am pleased with parents’ positive feedback about the cooking program. My daughter and her friends have continually shown interest in cooking at home/ In Silicon Valley, we live in a uniquely diverse part of the country. I am encouraged by Chef Koochooloo’s objectives to teach children how to prepare dishes while learning about cultures around the world. I expect that enrollment for cooking classes will exponentially grow next school year. I look forward to having Chef Koochooloo continue after-school classes at Fairwood for many years to come.
Stacey Peralta, After School Programs Manager
Chef Koochooloo presented a pilot at our schools this spring and my students simply loved the experience. As an educator, I see many benefits to their program. For one thing, the Chef Koochooloo lesson plans are boosting math and science skills. Their cooking lessons let kids practice basic math skills like counting, weighing, measuring and estimating with every recipe. Keeping track of cooking times helped them better understand sequencing, the idea that events occur in a logical order. I love that the Chef Koochooloo lessons also teach kids science and nutrition in a fun child appropriate way, as they discover the difference between fruits and vegetables, or learn the benefits of eggplant.
Sarireh Nadimi, Kindergarten teacher at Monticello Academy
Chef Koochooloo is disruptive in the number of user groups it targets. In lieu of separating the adult and child experience, it helps to form a learning partnership between a child (ages 4-8) and his/her parent (adults ages 25-45). Chef Koochooloo caters to the discovery learning habits of a child in tandem with adult learning principles. This layering is like a modern Disney or Pixar movie that is fun for children but creatively written to include innuendos that appeal to an adult’s sense of humor. The animated globe is a feature that is engaging for the entire family, the country facts are especially stimulating for the parents, while the audio translation feature seems to put kids in awe.


Saman Javan, Learning Experience Designer
As a stay at home mom, homeschooling three kids, I’m always on the lookout for ideas that will make learning more adventurous for my kids, while keeping an orderly house. I’ve found myself particularly in love with the Chef Koochooloo curriculum. I was fascinated to see my own kids find a new passion for my native land Argentina, as the way the Chef Koochooloo lesson was presented was truly engaging for them, and by the end of lesson, we also had a delicious home cooked meal! I had often told the about Argentina before, but the way this curriculum was formulated, it really caught their interest. I have enjoyed being a beta-testers for the app, and cannot wait for it to be publicly available, so I can tell all of the homeschooling Moms in my co-op about it.
Claudia Cattaneo Auxier, Homeschooling Mom