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Chef Koochooloo Response to COVID-19

Chef Koochooloo’s roots were cultivated in passionate advocacy for the welfare of children everywhere. Even through these tumultuous times, our objectives remain the same, and we are working to produce easy-to-use lessons for teachers and parents.

Our Native apps are free for all educators including parents due to the COVID pandemic and ensuing educational crises. We are also happy to share our up and coming grade-specific curriculum, aligned with NGSS, NCSS, ELA, and IB Standards. Please contact us if you would like to have additional curriculum that is not yet present in our app.

Transitioning to Virtual Lessons

We are working on virtual lessons that will be accessible to all students and parents during this difficult time. We understand that recent events can cause distress. Chef Koochooloo’s immersive cooking program is a creative and a stress-relieving way for children to learn and express themselves through delicious food!

Chef Koochooloo Stands With You

The precarious circumstances surrounding society today, specifically the rise of the now global “Black Lives Matter” movement, is a reminder of the little lives being shaped by the actions we as educators, teachers, and parents take today. Chef Koochooloo supports this fight through investing our time and efforts into the individuals of the future: our children.

Building Tolerance and Compassion

Chef Koochooloo provides opportunities to learn about cultures, customs, languages, and histories of peoples. In each lesson, your child comes across a “take action segment” which will outline an issue the country or group of people are currently facing while offering ideas on how to make a difference. Parents are offered the opportunity to approach difficult conversations, and young activists are given the opportunity to be inspired to stand for something bigger than themselves. 

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