Job description:

Our program provides nutritional education to children in elementary school, through gamified healthy cooking, while aligning the teachings to NGSS standards. Our overall goal is to incorporate concepts, approaches, and scientific tools from both basic and applied science into our program so that elementary school students are able to transcend conventional specialty boundaries. We are seeking a highly motivated Postdoctoral Fellow with a public health background and strong applied research and quantitative skills to join our team to contribute to the strategic development and implementation of the program’s research activities related to Children’s Health and Nutrition. The program’s research focus includes global health priorities–particularly child health—and introducing culturally sensitive gamified ways to teach nutrition.


Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Teach Culinary lessons to children in K-12 and sometimes adults (teachers) once a week.
  • Create content that teaches children healthy eating, aligned with National Learning standards, that will be published in our app.
  • Prepare fundraising material and documents.
  • Post thought leadership, Marketing, and content for community engagement  on all of our social media channels.
  • Lead systematic reviews of the literature and analyses of data examining health and nutrition
  • Contribute to research implementation, data management, and oversight of the research-related activities in the Silicon Valley area, including through site visits
  • Communicate with research partners on project-related issues, including tracking the progress of the project, securing IRB approvals, and other related activities
  • Analyze datasets to examine research questions and contribute to the development of peer-reviewed publications
  • Co-author and publish conference papers, poster presentations, and research articles
  • Contribute to the communication of program findings to general audiences
  • Other duties as required


Applicants should be enrolled in nutrition science or a related area of research; evidence of both strong qualitative and quantitative analysis skills; strong written and verbal communication skills.