Job description:

Our program provides nutritional education to children in elementary school, through gamified healthy cooking, while aligning the teachings to NGSS standards. Our overall goal is to incorporate concepts, approaches, and scientific tools from both basic and applied science into our program so that elementary school students are able to transcend conventional specialty boundaries. We are seeking a highly motivated Audio Visual intern with game design- and development background and expertise in gamification. Strong applied research and quantitative skills to join our team to contribute to the strategic development and implementation of the program’s research activities related to Children- Engagement and Health. The program’s research focus includes global health priorities-particularly child health- and introducing culturally sensitive ways to teach nutrition.

Job Scope:

Chef Koochooloo is looking for a Social Media and Creative Content Intern to join our team! Chef Koochooloo is an early-stage startup building a game-based STEAM and cooking platform driven by AI. Our word game and associated AI system help users discover new worlds that assist in meeting their microlearning objectives as users play solo or inside of a classroom.

The ideal candidate is a high-energy, outgoing person with a passion for social media marketing, design, and online communities, as well as one who has a passion for and knowledge of video creation and digital entertainment. This is an opportunity to work in a unique business leading the integration of education with gaming.  Creative skills necessary include,  Photography/Videographraphy/Content Creation, and excellent writing and organization skills.

This intern will report to our CEO and work closely alongside our Content and Development team. We’re looking for someone who is as comfortable handling various tasks in one day, jumping from one field to another.


  • College juniors or seniors currently enrolled in an accredited University
  • Along with videography and editorial skills, education in the K_5 space, audio production, and Adobe Creative Suite/graphics experience is preferred
  • Demonstrated creativity and experience developing and editing several types of content through multiple channels
  • A creative thinker, able to concept original ideas and follow through to production and post
  • Able to work autonomously, under deadlines
  • Videography/Photography proficiency
  •  Excellent graphic design and typography skills
  • Exemplary written and oral communication
  • Familiar with social media and understand platform-specific needs as well as trends that resonate with passionate audiences across platforms.


  • Currently enrolled students: 40 hours a week for a Semester-long internship in the fall
  • Either working and based in Mountain View, CA or someone comfortable commuting at your own expense, during established business hours (once the quarantine is over of course)


  • Manage day to day administrative activities of the company
  • Engage the online community on various social media platforms (incl. Facebook Twitter Instagram Medium)
  • Constantly help with fundraising activities, content creation, and project coordination

Learning Skills/Outcomes:

  • Understand communication, expression, storytelling in a media, organizational, interpersonal and social context
  • Develop an aesthetic understanding of media production and technical proficiency in areas such as video and visual production, writing and digital media development
  • Understand the history, social and cultural roles of media in society and in RingCentral’s culture

Upon the successful completion of the internship, a stipend of 8K will be awarded to the Intern

Duration of Internship (Fall Semester)