Technology is everywhere in today’s world. This powerful tool is changing our lives.
Education is just beginning to explore the potential technology provides for teaching and learning, and teachers are using technology in the classroom more frequently than ever before. Technology is changing teaching and the way students learn, but is it really helping teachers teach better and kids learn better?

My name is Nadia, a teacher k-12 and a enthusiastic about food and Ed Tech. I strongly believe we need to prepare the next generation for what it’s going to come, and whether we like it or not, technology is here to stay, so let’s leverage it to enhance learning and From what I have witnessed in the classrooms, the use of technology often increases motivation to learn. No educator will argue with you that students are more engaged in their learning process when they have fun while they learn, and often they have fun when using technology, as it makes the learning process interactive, thus improving the student’s communications skills. Motivation is increased when students are working in a team, and technology allows students to work together with other students as well as teachers. For example, using a blog in the classroom provide a space where teachers and students can collaborate, teachers offering instructional tips and students participating in cooperative learning activities.

Throughout my years of experience and leveraging technology, I have come to the conclusion that there are more advantages than disadvantages in using technology in class because it supports the four keys of learning, as I believe in them:

• Active engagement, using social media it’s a great way. Youtube it’s an excellent and powerful educational tool that helps in motivating students.
• Participation in groups, for example through virtual connection such as Facebook
• Frequent interaction and feedback, using Google Docs to share documents.
• Connection to real-world experiences for example using Twitter.

Technology use in classroom is reality, and we must be ready for it. If leveraged correctly, technology will help make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun.
In my opinion, technology increases the autonomy in the learning process because there are a large amount of digital resources that students can use. There are some educators who disagree with me, arguing that technology can be a potential distraction in class, and that teachers need more time to prepare a class using technology. I agree that in some cases that is true, and that is why I cannot wait to show those educators the app we are working on here at Chef Koochooloo.

Author: Nadia Ruiz