Are you passionate about creating a fun and educational experience for children? Do you love cooking and tasting recipes from different countries? Chef Koochooloo is a web+mobile + social + educational platform that teaches kids about math, science and cultural sensitivity through a cooking technology platform and enrichment program.  We are bootstrapped and grant funded, with a non profit division, with a passion for making games that will stimulate, entertain, and leave a lasting, positive impression. We pride ourselves on contributing to the local community and creating a positive impact on the environment.

We’re looking for a hands-on tech leader who will take technical ownership for the startup that we’re building, and eventually be in charge of building our technical team.

The role includes:
• An unmatched environment in which to develop your knowledge of building early-stage tech startups, not just from the tech perspective but the wider business
• Hands on software development, where you can apply your skills, knowledge & experience across a range of sectors, business models, & products
• Time split between early concept development (where throw-away prototyping dominates) and product development (where the focus is on building the tech foundation for the new business)
• All the benefits of the startup world (innovation, ownership, pace, etc).


To be considered, you’ll need to:
• Be confident across a breadth of programming languages & platforms and able to go deep on specialist areas
• Have experience managing multiple product development projects, aligning a team around those, and delivering to market or users’ hands
• Ideally have a network of developers who are eager to work with you again
• Be a fantastic communicator, able to comfortably switch between managing stakeholder expectations and motivating fellow engineers.

To be accepted, you’ll need to:
• Prove your ability across the topics mentioned above – leadership, delivery, communication, & technical breadth

Experience with one or more of the following: Ruby on Rails, C++, C#, Haxe, and/or JavaScript.
Ability to work with existing codebases.
Previous experience building one or more games in a team-based setting.
Strong mathematical ability.

Implementation of gameplay mechanics and game systems
Gameplay tuning handling and gameplay
Implement functional and polished user interfaces based on specifications
Work with team to identify and make gameplay improvements
Develop new game code, and maintain existing library and engine code
Demonstrate the ability to actively test and iterate on systems

Experience with HTML5
Experience working in resource-constrained environments, such as mobile or embedded hardware.
Familiarity with basic principles of art and design.
Knowledge of scripting languages (Python, bash, MaxScript, Perl)
Experience with developing for VR

We are located in Mountain View.