Barley Soup

Country we are exploring:  Iran Continent:  Asia Capital:  Tehran Population:  77.5 million Official language(s):  Farsi Suggestion for fun image:  Chef Koochooloo riding on a magic carpet on top of Isfahan Mosques Fun fact:  On the last Tuesday of each year, children in Iran celebrate the New Year by participating in the Festival of Fire (Chahar-Shanbeh [...]

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It’s so Nice, I get to do it Twice!

On my second day volunteering, the recipe that the kids made was called Black-eyed Bean Salad. It’s a dish that originated from a country in the African continent, Senegal. Its capital is the city of Dakar has a population of 13 million. Senegal’s official language is French.  The type of instruction is interactive where kids [...]

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A Day with the World’s Youngest Entrepreneur!

During my second week of internship at Chef Koochooloo, I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with the Idea Generator and Co-founder behind our lively Social Enterprise. Delarai is certainty the most unique Five year old I ever met.  She began her company at age 4, (with the support of her parents, specially her [...]

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Our First day at Fairwoods Elementary

My name is Kevin Harold and just began an internship for Chef Koochooloo. Yesterday was my first time participating as a teacher in a classroom setting at Fairwoods Elementary School. (I am a Business Administrator major, so you can imagine my surprise when I was told I had a chance to come to the classroom [...]

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