Software Management Internships for Graduate Students

Are you a graduate student looking for a Six-Month internship in an Early Stage Startup environment?  Are you working under a professor who is also a recipient of NSF grants? If yes, then you qualify for this role:

About the Funder:

Our Startup is eligible to receive a supplemental grant from the National Science Foundation, through (INTERN DCL: Non-Academic Research Internships for Graduate Students (INTERN) Supplemental Funding Opportunity NSF 18-102)

The opportunity is meant:

  1. To provide graduate students with the opportunity to augment their research –assistantships with non-academic research internship activities and training opportunities that will complement their academic research training
  2. To allow graduate students to pursue new activities aimed at acquiring professional development experience that will enhance their preparation for multiple career pathways after graduation; and
  3. To encourage the participation of graduate students from groups that have traditionally been underrepresented and underserved in the STEM enterprise: women, persons with disabilities, African Americans/Blacks, Hispanic Americans, American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, Native Pacific Islanders, veterans, and persons from economically disadvantaged backgrounds

Further, it is expected that the internship on-site, (Mountain View, CA) research-focused in computer and information sciences and Engineering. Additionally, it is to promote multidisciplinary activities that are pursued in the Research and Development of SaaS platform.

In other words, are you willing to roll up your sleeves, and do whatever it takes to help in building the Chef Koochooloo SaaS platform.

Then this job is for you. Together we will build the applications which will change the world!

About the Startup:

Chef Koochooloo is a gamified platform that teaches children math, nutrition, science, and global competence through healthy cooking.  We are looking for a creative researcher with a passion for creating technology and content for STEM and nutritional science education. 

The Research & Development Opportunity: 

Computer and information science and Engineering Researcher.

The purpose of this position is to participate in the research and development of Chef Koochooloo SaaS platform. Support our team in identifying various tools and technologies. Develop quick POC applications using various libraries and technologies. Design and develop various reusable UI components using Javascript, WebGL and Unity. The purpose of this position is to help the team in design, develop and deploy the Chef Koochooloo SaaS platform. Participate in evaluating and identifying various technologies, tools to build the Chef Koochooloo SaaS platform.

 As a Researcher, you will gain practical experience and exposure to design and development of SaaS platforms. You will gain experience of full Software Development Life Cycle and various tools and methodologies used. You will gain R&D experience in building web-based gaming applications and will develop professional skills that are highly relevant for employment in the Information Technology industry.

The product and curriculum design at Chef Koochooloo starts with a passion for making a lasting impact on education. You will help take our product from initial brainstorm to final launch and beyond, putting our users first in all that we do.

You will hold an active role in our platform development and working collaboratively with Engineering, R&D, QA teams, and build and improve our product. 

You will experience the benefits of working in a dynamic, entrepreneurial, innovative, and non-bureaucratic environment where cool things and big ideas happen daily. We are looking for folks who are excited about uncovering science-based evidence, developing curriculum, and research that advocates healthy eating is linked to better academic outcomes. 

About You:

You have designed and built digital educational platforms You are a skilled and experienced technical leader who has developers working on digital services or platforms remotely. Ideally, you’ve designed platforms that use or work with Python, NodeJs, React and React Native, and have a strong understanding of educational privacy protocols. You also have a strong software engineering background— diving into the code and documentation, reviewing it, validating it, and providing technical context. You have deep knowledge about software, how it’s built, managed and deployed.

You understand the nuances between different technology stacks and systems architecture. In your previous roles, you’ve balanced the trade-offs between speed, cost, features, and scalability when building a platform or service.  You excel in highly ambiguous environments You should be highly adaptable to change, able to work with ambiguity, and actively provide input to help define the direction of the project. You know how to be resourceful to resolve problems, seek answers, and engage with internal and external resources to overcome limitations. You are customer-driven You have a track record of deeply understanding customers, partners, and stakeholders. You have a passion for designing services that solve real problems for customers. You can sell a technical vision You can develop a vision quickly and have the ability to communicate it to customers, partners, and senior business leaders.  

Key Qualifications:

  1. Bachelors of Science in Computer Science or equivalent required
  2. 1-2 years of experience as a Software Engineer, Services or Solutions Engineer, or Architect.  Deep understanding of latest web technologies, including System Architecture, Cloud Deployments, Containerization, Authentication Systems, and Protocols
  3. Excellent project management skills with a strong understanding of the difference between waterfall, agile, scrum and other software delivery processes
  4. Excellent communicator with strong ability to present to and interact with startup and enterprise partners in a technical setting
  5. Ability to provide leadership and direction for our development agency; defining the vision and architecture to scale the platform globally
  6. Collaborate across various disciplines (Product Managers, Developers, Designers, etc.) to set technical roadmaps aligned to engineering best practices
  7. Establish deep technical and non-technical relationships with our technology partners and customers
  8. Keep executive leadership across the company informed on progress and actively manage risks and issues
  9. Combine your knowledge of K-12 with qualitative and quantitative insights from the field to create an instructional rigorous, teacher-friendly, classroom-ready product that delights teachers and that district leaders are excited to purchase.
  10. Leverage the platform team to ensure that the curriculum products are using the platform to the best of its capabilities and, when necessary, either advocate for or participate in the implementation of features critical to the success of the product.
  11. Experience bringing curriculum products or features, to market in the curriculum space
  12. Demonstrated experience incorporating learning and other data into products
  13. Demonstrated experience prioritizing roadmaps/backlogs
  14. Experience with metrics-driven decision making


The Consultants’ responsibilities will include assigning tasks to engineering teams, setting long and short-term project goals, negotiating with vendors and clients, ensuring that projects stay within time and budgetary restraints, and compiling reports for the board of directors.

  • Communicating the business goals of the company to all engineers in the team.
  • Supervising every phase of the technical project from start to completion.
  • Calculating costs, material, labor, and time required for each milestone.
  • Approving designs and budgets.
  • Performing quality control checks on all systems and products.
  • Analyzing data and drafting reports for review.

How To apply:

Send a cover letter and resume to 

Your cover letter should be a professionally prepared, polished document that showcases your ability to write in a concise and clear manner. The letter should describe how the activity will better prepare you to enter the workforce.  The resume (up to 2 pages) should contain the following information:  Educational Preparation, Institution, Major, Year of study (1st year, 2nd year, etc.), Summary of graduate coursework completed, Professional employment history, Publications, Other information relevant to the proposed internship

Also, include a letter (written in the third person) to describe how the proposed internship activity will build on your graduate education experience.