Private Lessons

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Come and join us Tuesdays for private lessons in a Bay Area home.
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Parties & Events!


Yes, that’s right! Chef Koochooloo spices up your parties and events too.
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After School Programs

Chef Koochooloo’s after school program blends humanity’s oldest means of socialization—cooking and eating together—with its most modern lessons. Our master chefs lead classes leveraging our iPad application, framed around recipes from a specific country or culture. As we prepare food together, kids learn about cooking-related math and science skills, and social-responsibility. Additionally, we emphasize healthy cooking techniques. Most after school sessions are one hour long, unless the school requests a two hour program. Our teachers have been trained in food safety and culinary arts. Each classroom experience includes a food science experiment, and a fun unique geography lesson.   

Private Lessons

We are happy to come to your home or host you in one of our locations. We strongly believe in including all children in our program. Our class instructors are experienced in teaching children from diverse backgrounds and special needs. Children with physical, academic, or social disabilities are fully included and integrated to the class. We offer our classes and camps in French, Spanish & Farsi. Pricing varies on the location, the type of cuisine, and number of guests.  We are happy to work with you to make this a delicious experience.

Party Packages

Come celebrate and be the chef of the day with Chef Koochooloo! All of our Party packages  are filled with interactive, hands-on international cooking and delicious fun.  Choose the country you would like to discover and just sit back and let us handle everything from bringing the right music, ingredients, and cooking tools.  Our parties are packed full of amusing activity! We will also add a food science activity, geography game, and much more.  Your guests will be introduced to the essentials of cooking as they make their “creation” from scratch all while being entertained by our lively international staff and their crazy antics! Your guests will also love our customized chef attire favor options. Pricing begins at $500, and varies depending on the number of guests, location, and the country you would like to explore.