My name is Jenny and I am an international student from China, studying marketing. The concept of Chef Koochooloo is very new to me. The teachers teach kids how to cook and at the same time teaching them basic history, science, and geography. This totally different from my experiences in my native country. In China, there are no cooking classes for children at school.

Today, the kids learned how to make Kumquat Marmalade. The teacher introduced some basic facts about England such as their population and capital before starting to teach them how to cook. The kids were very involved in the class. They were given kumquats to cut them into small pieces. The teacher boiled the kumquats and added sugar in it and after about 10 minutes, the kumquats were ready to be served! The kids enjoyed the dish they made and even took some home for their parents.









I feel like cooking with kids is a good way for adults to know how their children think and interact with them. In China, there is only a little communication between teacher and kids. I noticed that a lot of American kids know basic cooking while Chinese kids do not. It’s because there is no program for Chinese kids to learn how to cook that’s why a lot of Chinese people do not know how to cook even when they grow up. I decided to apply for a marketing internship with Chef Koochooloo because I think Chef Koochooloo can benefit the Chinese community by promoting interaction with kids. Education varies in every country. In comparison to China, the teachers think that cooking is dangerous for kids. However, in America, cooking with kids can help the learn basic kitchen skills and learn about math, science, and geography.











Here are the ingredients and the instructions for making the Kumquat Marmalade. Enjoy!


  • kumquats, finely chopped
  • oranges, seeds removed
  • sugar
  • lemons, juiced
  • water


  1. Finely chop the kumquats and oranges and combine.
  2. Using a mug, measure them into a large pot.
  3. Using a coffee mug, add 3 mug full of water per each mugful of fruit.
  4. Add one cupful of sugar to the pot for every cupful of the fruit mixture.  Mix in the lemon juice, about 4 tablespoons.