Want your child to learn Farsi and English?

Koochooloo is happy to announce that we will be teaching classes on the language of Farsi and English. During these classes, we will explore the Farsi and English language and give a look inside the Persian and American culture. This will be a hands-on experience with lots of personalized instruction to make your Farsi and English learning experience one of a kind.  No matter your experience level, we would love to have you come join us every Wednesday and Sunday evening.

Starting May 15th – Wednesdays 2-4pm, Sundays 10-12pm, Sundays 2-4pm

Time: 10am -12pm & 2pm-4pm

Location: Brussels or La Hulpe

Cost: €30/class

Register here for the Farsi Class: https://bit.ly/3MiOhrQ

Register here for the English Class: https://bit.ly/37QSQuR