Initiation à la langue perse et anglais et multiactivités

Learn Persian and English  through conversation, projects based on Persian culture, games, and play.  Students interested in Farsi will find this language program fun and immersive, with experiential components designed to leave students speaking Farsi and holding conversations.  This is a differentiated course, such that students of all Farsi speaking levels are welcome, and even those with little to no familiarity. We will learn together, and build connections through a language and culture that has been significant throughout the history of the world.

Initiation à la langue perse et anglais et multiactivités

Au programme : initiation à la langue anglaise, expériences scientiques, activités récréatives et culinaire sportives, le tout avec une approche active, bienveillante et innovante.

Pour qui ? Enfants de 8 ans à 15 ans

Où ? A la Hulpe

Quand ? du lundi 1er mai 2023 au vendredi 12 mai 2023

Accueil : dès 8h à 17h

Prix : 250 € (ristourne de 20 € pour un enfant issu d’une même famille )

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Contact: Layla Sabourian – Whatsapp +1-650-463-6041 – 

Please note this is the first time we will offer this program in Belgium. For our past programs that took place in California you can view the following videos:


Here is a video where you can learn more about the Koochooloo approach to learning; in particular as it relates to our program cooking

video segment:

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