Position Description:

Chef Koochooloo seeks a full stack developer and researcher, familiar with K-5 Educational games, who is dedicated, and excited about making games that have a positive impact on society. Chef Koochooloo is a social enterprise funded and endorsed by the National Science Foundation, with a passion for making games that will stimulate, entertain, and leave a lasting, positive impression.

Our technology platform focuses on teaching kids STEAM through cooking.

As the team’s first technical consultant, you will play an integral role in helping the company shape the future of our technical architecture.

About You:

You have designed and built digital educational platforms You are a skilled and experienced technical leader who has developers working on digital services or platforms remotely. Ideally, you’ve designed platforms that use or work with Python, NodeJs, React and React Native, and have a strong understanding of educational privacy protocols. You also have a strong software engineering background— diving into the code and documentation, reviewing it, validating it, and providing technical context. You have deep knowledge about software, how it’s built, managed and deployed.

You understand the nuances between different technology stacks and systems architecture. In your previous roles, you’ve balanced the trade-offs between speed, cost, features, and scalability when building a platform or service.  You excel in highly ambiguous environments You should be highly adaptable to change, able to work with ambiguity, and actively provide input to help define the direction of the project. You know how to be resourceful to resolve problems, seek answers, and engage with internal and external resources to overcome limitations. You are customer-driven You have a track record of deeply understanding customers, partners, and stakeholders. You have a passion for designing services that solve real problems for customers. You can sell a technical vision You can develop a vision quickly and have the ability to communicate it to customers, partners, and senior business leaders.  

Key Qualifications:

  1. Bachelors of Science in Computer Science or equivalent required
  2. 6 – 10 years of experience as a Software Engineer, Services or Solutions Engineer, or Architect.  Deep understanding of latest web technologies, including System Architecture, Cloud Deployments, Containerization, Authentication Systems, and Protocols
  3. Excellent project management skills with a strong understanding of the difference between waterfall, agile, scrum and other software delivery processes
  4. Excellent communicator with strong ability to present to and interact with startup and enterprise partners in a technical setting
  5. Ability to provide leadership and direction for our development agency; defining the vision and architecture to scale the platform globally
  6. Collaborate across various disciplines (Product Managers, Developers, Designers, etc.) to set technical roadmaps aligned to engineering best practices
  7. Establish deep technical and non-technical relationships with our technology partners and customers
  8. Keep executive leadership across the company informed on progress and actively manage risks and issues
  9. Combine your knowledge of K-12 with qualitative and quantitative insights from the field to create an instructional rigorous, teacher-friendly, classroom-ready product that delights teachers and that district leaders are excited to purchase.
  10. Leverage the platform team to ensure that the curriculum products are using the platform to the best of its capabilities and, when necessary, either advocate for or participate in the implementation of features critical to the success of the product.
  11. Experience bringing curriculum products or features, to market in the curriculum space
  12. Demonstrated experience incorporating learning and other data into products
  13. Demonstrated experience prioritizing roadmaps/backlogs
  14. Experience with metrics-driven decision making


The Consultants’ responsibilities will include assigning tasks to engineering teams, setting long and short-term project goals, negotiating with vendors and clients, ensuring that projects stay within time and budgetary restraints, and compiling reports for the board of directors.

  • Communicating the business goals of the company to all engineers in the team.
  • Supervising every phase of the technical project from start to completion.
  • Calculating costs, material, labor, and time required for each milestone.
  • Approving designs and budgets.
  • Performing quality control checks on all systems and products.
  • Analyzing data and drafting reports for review.

This is a 6 Month Part-time Consulting project that will be funded by NSF. The total stipend amount is 6K (Averaging 1k per month), our team continues to fundraise, and essentially if there is a mutual interest, this role could turn into the VP of engineering position within our team.

We are located in Mountain View, CA