Chef Koochooloo is a Grant funded Tech Ed early stage startup focused on teaching children math, science and cultural geography through cooking. If you can manage multiple projects at a time, are incredibly organized and detail oriented, and a top-notch communicator, then this will be a dream job for you.

Chef Koochooloo is looking for a VP of Finance who is a great leader, strategic thinker and will report directly to our CEO. You will play a pivotal role in scaling the organization and will also be expected to provide impactful and effective counsel to the senior leadership team in making strategic business decisions.

Our Ideal Candidate

-You have been in Finance leadership roles at successful startup companies that have grown to $100MM+.
-You have prior experience with M&A ($2M-$10M in revenue).
-Your reporting packages and data analysis are things of beauty and effectively communicate information needed to make fast and effective decisions at all levels of the company.
-You prepare board and investor reporting packages and presentations that illustrate a well-thought-out story that is backed by strong data points and metrics. You are able to lead conversations with the investors and assist the company as needed in fundraising activities.
-You are constantly thinking about how to improve the efficiency of the company. -Billing, reporting, payments, revenue recognition —all these can get very complex in a fast-growing business.
-You can demonstrate how you effectively automated your organization to increase productivity and reduce errors.
-You have experience identifying, acquiring and implementing systems to provide critical financial and operational information.
-You can provide examples of how you made an impact on a company by providing a business case for changes in pricing and packaging, up-sells, the introduction of new products, new markets, acquisitions, etc.
-You are someone who leads by example and is willing to work in the trenches while balancing your time and priorities so you are also able to work on strategic initiatives.
-You want to work at a fast-paced start-up where the culture still feels like family, the Executive team and employees sit side-by-side in one open space, and where you can move fast and make a measurable impact.


-Own the primary financial model of the company upon which key business decisions are made. Ensure model to produce accurate and predictive billings, bookings, growth, and revenue.
-Implement processes and systems to enable fast and accurate GAAP compliant accounting results that integrate with the budgeting system at an operational level to empower the team with timely and actionable insights.
-Compare financial forecasts to actual financial performance, interpret results and variances, and give guidance on necessary course corrections.
-Work closely with the Executive Team and functional managers advising on strategy, reporting, and budgeting.
-Build an efficient financial reporting process which allows the Company to quickly and transparently report to all stakeholders (Management, Board of Directors, Investors)
-Support business with analytics and decision making around pricing, partnerships, and key contracts.
-Ensure that the company continuously remains on a sound financial footing by implementing company policies and best practices.
-Optimize internal operations such as banking, accounts payable and receivable, bookkeeping, taxes, expenses, and commissions.


-B.A./B.S. in finance and/or accounting (Master’s preferred) with 10+ years working within all aspects of the finance and accounting functions.
-Leadership ability to enable, motivate and convince company executives through the use of the model to make major corporate decisions and investments
-Previous experience building a successful and efficient Finance Team (FP&A, Accounting, etc.)
-Prior experience working in a small, growth phase startup directly reporting to the CEO.
-Possess world-class forecasting talent and well-steeped in the practice of building all types of financial forecasts.
-Well versed in accounting best practices and the changing landscape of accounting principles (e.g. GAAP, ASC 606).
-An analytical mindset to help elevate our analytical standards and practice to allow us to take full advantage of the data.
-Must possess outstanding written, oral, and presentation skills as well as the ability to communicate complex financial matters to broad audiences with the ability to translate data, trends, etc. into pictures, graphics, stories.

If interested, send your resume to

Chef Koochooloo is committed to building a diverse team that can understand and serve ALL students in the US public school system. We are an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourage applications from all people of diversity, including those with diverse needs, backgrounds, abilities, and other distinct characteristics.

Accounting work = 2-5 hours per month

Strategic role = 2-3 hours per month

Compensation: $500/month (If willing to do the accounting and strategic roles, $200 if you wish to only take the function of the CFO and keep our current accountant)