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POLICIES of Chef Koochooloo Farsi Summer Camps

At Chef Koochooloo Summer Camps we commit to providing every camper the best and safest possible camp experience. Please review the following important Policies of our Camps:

  •        Inclusion Policy
  •        “Walk-Up” Registration Information
  •        Refund & Credit Policies
  •        “No-show” Policies
  •        Illness & Lice Policy
  •        Discipline Policy
  •        Policy on Electronics and Toys


Chef Koochooloo Summer Camps strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for each camper as they work to discover and grow their personal best with us regardless of race, gender identity, ethnicity or background. Our goal is to create a space where campers feel secure enough to expand their comfort zones, try and discover new passions and stretch themselves. We have a diverse camper and staff base, and work to ensure that all of our staff have the appropriate training and emotional intelligence to effectively support our campers along their journey. Incidents that involve any demographically-based or historically charged language or actions that may jeopardize a camper or staff member’s physical or emotional safety will be immediately escalated to our Leadership Team and could result in dismissal from camp without a refund or credit.


Parents are encouraged to register in advance, but we understand that for unforeseen reasons, parents sometimes need to register at the last minute. If you find yourself in this situation, you can enroll online by registering through our website starting on 02/09/2018 until 08/03/2018.

For registration please click here.


If you wish to cancel your camp registration and apply for a credit to another week of camp, you can contact our office at 650-463-6041 or via the email: The following policies and timeline apply.

  • If notified 24 hours before the start of a specific camp week: 100% refund will be issued.
  • After the 1st day of a specific camp week: a pro-rated refund will be issued.
  • After the 2d day of a  specific camp week: only a program credit will be issued on your account for a future enrollment.
  • After the 3d day of a  specific camp week: we cannot make any adjustments or offer any credits.


There are no refunds or program credits for “no-shows” to our Camps programs. Chef Koochooloo Summer Camps reserve the right to cancel a program at any time due to unforeseen circumstances, site issues, registrations, weather, or other issues beyond our control. Participants will be notified as soon as possible and appropriate credits or refunds will be issued promptly. For “no-show” cases due to unforeseen circumstances, Chef Koochooloo Summer Camps will either re-schedule the class to the end of the session or give you a coupon for a credit toward the next session or class. Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.


Chef Koochooloo Summer Camps should be notified by phone (650) 463-6041 or email:  if a child is ill, especially if the illness is communicable. Internally, we keep track of the instances of communicable diseases at camp, and when appropriate will notify the parents of all children that may have been exposed, while respecting the confidentiality of campers and families involved.

Communicable Diseases

Campers who have communicable diseases will be sent home and may not return to camp until the illness has been treated successfully and the camper is symptom free.


Campers who have signs of head lice (itching, head irritation, etc.) will be removed from their group and escorted to the camp office by the Safety Specialist. If we believe there is a possibility of head lice, we will ask the family to pick their camper up from camp. In order to return to camp, a camper must have had all active lice removed from his or her hair & and no longer show any signs of infestation, itching or irritation.


Chef Koochooloo Summer Camps staff uses the positive techniques of guidance, including logical or natural consequences applied in problem situations, redirection of children to more acceptable behavior, anticipation of and elimination of potential problems and encouragement of appropriate behavior rather than comparison, competition or criticism. Consistent and clear rules are established. Staff members encourage children to solve problems rather than imposing solutions and help children to recognize and respect one another’s feelings. Counselors encourage prosocial behavior such as cooperation, helping, taking turns and constructive verbal communication to solve problems. The goal is to help children internalize rules and become self-directed in their behavior. Chef Koochooloo Camps reserves the right to dismiss a child for consistent behavior that makes it difficult or impossible for the staff to meet his/her needs and/or the needs of other children in the group. This will occur without a refund (or portion thereof) or credit towards a future program. This will occur only after parent/staff discussion has occurred.


Chef Koochooloo Summer Camps strives to provide a program free from video games, cell phones, audio players, toys and other distractions. Please do not permit your child to bring any of these items to camp as they will be busy throughout the camp day and these items also tend to get lost or misplaced when brought to camp.