The precarious circumstances surrounding society today, specifically the escalation of the now global “Black Lives Matter” movement, is a reminder of the little lives being shaped by the actions we as adults make today. The civilians currently kneeling in streets, donating to mourning victims’ families, and educating themselves about centuries long oppression, all do so in hopes of a brighter future. Chef Koochooloo supports this fight, and seeks to fight these battles through investing our time and efforts into the individuals of the future: our children.

I’m a mother of two daughters, one biological and of Iranian descent, and the other adopted, and of African American descent.  Thus, I’ve always sought to teach my girls about what it means to be a person of color, how to celebrate diversity, and the importance of recognizing and standing against social injustice. I want them to learn about their own histories and cultures along with those of other national and  racial backgrounds. This determination of mine is one of the many factors that has played a crucial role  in the development of Chef koochooloo.

Along with exposing children to the exquisite cuisine of various nationalities, Chef Koocholoo educates about the different cultures, customs, languages, and history of people throughout the world. Towards the end of every CK lesson, following multiple STeam Lessons (science, Technology, engineering, arts, & math) the child comes across  a “take action segment” which will outline an issue the country or group of people are currently facing, while offering ideas on how to make a difference. Whether the topic be german immigrants or the hardships of child labor in Cambodia, kids are exposed to the realities of kids elsewhere. Parents are offered the opportunity to breach difficult conversations, and young individuals are given the opportunity to be inspired to stand for something bigger than themselves.

Chef Koochooloo is designed to Instill kids with an appreciation of diversity, an expanded global understanding, and indoctrinate them with a convention of questioning the world around them. These are Ideals that the society we currently live in demand more than ever. Hence, from a parent, who wishes to see her daughters grow up in a new type of society, and as the founder of a company with a similar mission, I encourage you to take the tumultuous events happening outside our windows and use them to educate your children about the ideals these people  fight for, and how they can take their own little steps towards creating a better world.

“Our children are the rock upon which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation. They will be the leaders of our country, the creators of our national wealth, those who care for & protect our people.” – Nelson Mandela

Below are resources to Help discuss the “Black rights matter movement” with your kids:



  • School Resources on Talking about Race


  • Black Lives Matter Art/Pieces


  • Documentaries/Movies