Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I (Cindy) decided to share a few facts about why I love this day and the sweet chocolate that comes with it.

I am quite the romantic, and I love Valentine’s Day because it gives you an excuse to celebrate with people you care about. In Mexico, this celebration is not only for the couples, everyone can participate!

Friends and family also join in this day, many parents give their kids a little gift, most of the time candy to commemorate the day, my mom used to buy me little chocolate kisses and put them all in a little red bag. My grandma used to give me some heart shaped lollipops and I loved to eat one after the other.

Many schools promote a secret valentine gift-swap too. I remember when I was in elementary school and Valentine’s Day was a fun experience, exchanging gifts with other children and learning the value of friendship, but what was more exciting was the fact that we could celebrate with Chocolate and Turron, two very delicious and traditional Mexican candy.

Although turron is mostly used in Christmas as a holiday candy for that occasion, is also quite popular for February 14th, because is really delicious. It is extremely sweet, the fun part here was to share this candy with someone else since eating the whole candy proof to be an ordeal for a children’s paladar.

Now, let’s talk about Chocolate.

Mexican Chocolate is not like any other, is unique. Chocolate in Mexico is a masterpiece and a work of art, is prepared with a variety of species that give birth to a distinctive and rich flavor. And of course there is also a great story behind chocolate, after all, Chocolate is native from South America and it has been suggested that Mesoamericans made dishes with this ingredient before the arrival of European colonists to Mexico and Latin America. You could say that Mexico is the birthplace of delicious chocolate.

During Valentine’s Day, there are many popular recipes made with Chocolate, one of my favorite was always Chocolate cake, but nowadays it seems that cupcakes and cakepops are the best options to celebrate this day.

Here I share some photos of how Mexican chocolate is used to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Mexico. Enjoy!

mexican chocolate


This one in particular surprised me. I didn’t know Pink Berry had a Mexican Chocolate flavor! I tried it just a few days ago and I have to say it was delicious!