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Chef Koochooloo Ambassador Program

We are thrilled to announce the inauguration of the Chef Koochooloo Ambassador Program. Our goal is to inspire you and your little ones to dive into the adventure of international cooking, dare to discover a new country through a recipe, explore new techniques and learn what inspires brilliant chefs to make great food.
We are looking for a talented group of chefs from around the world, who are creating recipes and photos to be included in our upcoming iPad app, helping us bring their passion and ours for good food to every little chef in the world.
The Chef Koochooloo Ambassadors are a group of international foodies, chefs and parents who embody values at the core of our company: innovation, education and healthy lifestyles to their community. They inspire us to continue our work, bringing healthy and delicious recipes to the exciting and constantly changing parenting world. We hope they will inspire you to explore their country through a culinary adventure.

Benefits for joining:
You’re a Food Blogger, Restaurant owner or Chef, making a positive difference in our community, through healthy recipes, education and more. We want to tell the world about you, and thank you for all you do by inviting you to be part of our special program. We will feature you on our website, and include your recipes and photos in our app. We will consult with you in regards to what education content and fun facts to include about your country and help promote your own social presence through all of our channels.
In addition, Chef Koochooloo will frequently have gift baskets… just for you!

You must sign our NDA agreement that states clearly you are donating your recipe/photos to the Chef Koochooloo team for commercial use. You must submit an average of three new recipes and photos of dishes from your respective country to be added to our app on a monthly basis for as long as you wish to remain in the program. We also ask that each Chef Ambassador makes a blog post about the launch of our app once we have released the app publicly.


Indian Chef Ambassador : Lina Badrakia

Lina Badrakia is from Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA. She is a Child Nutritionist and a culinary expert. She has taken a course in Early Childhood Care and Education and has been a Preprimary Teachers’ Trainer. She has dealt with kids of 3 ½ to 6 years old for 19 years and is now working as a Web Page Coordinator and cooking teacher.
Lina is passionate about healthy cooking. She shares her innovative and mouth watering recipes through her website www.linasflavours.com and reaches out to all creative food lovers since 2011 with 7,000 plus visitors monthly.
She shares her love for cooking by demonstrating healthy recipes on regional Colors Gujarati TV channel plus social network which makes it easily accessible for one and all.

Why Chef Koochooloo loves Lina :

Cooking being her passion and forte, Lina likes to experiment with vegetarian dishes, and weaves magic in her recipes to create a healthy twist and shares easy to cook recipes for all to love where learning is pure fun.
Her maxim is “There is a dormant chef in each one of us” and trains young and old in following her healthy recipes with a heavenly taste and flavour that spreads across the divide – holding cooking workshops accordingly.

She salutes Indian cooking!!

To join the eras of more vegetarian deliciousness go to www.linasflavours.com

Malaysian Chef Ambassador : Jackie M

Jackie M is professional cook, author,presenter, jet setter, former restaurateur and mum. She is a pretty big deal in the media when it comes to Southeast Asian street food ;) her parents were street food vendors in Malaysia, and in taking up their mantle she work to preserve this important and unique aspect of Southeast Asian culture and tradition. She grew up speaking Hakka, Cantonese, Malay and English, and She studied German, French, Spanish, Indonesian and Japanese for her Sydney University Bachelor of Arts degree.
With a no-holds barred approach to Asian cooking, She has an extensive repertoire of Southeast Asian street food that She has been passionately sharing with Australians for over 15 years. she cook, she write, she shoot YouTube videos, she present on TV internationally; she also run Live webcasts and travel to amazing destinations where there is  great food and the opportunity to connect with fantastic people. She has the largest online following on Google+ in Australia and has been ranked by Klout as the #2 most influential Australian chef on social media.
Besides her passion for food, she proudest achievements are her two children – Noah, who has Down Syndrome, and her grown-up daughter, Becky, who is the smartest, kindest, funniest, most well-put-together person she had ever known, despite her best efforts to sabotage her upbringing.

To join the eras of southeast Asian foods deliciousness go to www.jackiem.com.au