Chef Koochooloo Ambassador Program

We are thrilled to announce the inauguration of the Chef Koochooloo Ambassador Program. Our goal is to inspire you and your little ones to dive into the adventure of international cooking, dare to discover a new country through a recipe, explore new techniques and learn what inspires brilliant chefs to make great food.
We are looking for a talented group of chefs from around the world, who are creating recipes and photos to be included in our upcoming iPad app, helping us bring their passion and ours for good food to every little chef in the world.
The Chef Koochooloo Ambassadors are a group of international foodies, chefs and parents who embody values at the core of our company: innovation, education and healthy lifestyles to their community. They inspire us to continue our work, bringing healthy and delicious recipes to the exciting and constantly changing parenting world. We hope they will inspire you to explore their country through a culinary adventure.

Benefits for joining:
You’re a Food Blogger, Restaurant Owner or Chef, making a positive difference in our community through healthy recipes, education and more. We want to tell the world about you, and thank you for all you do by inviting you to be part of our special program. We will feature you on our website, and include your recipes and photos in our app. We will consult with you in regards to what education content and fun facts to include about your country and help promote your own social presence through all of our channels. In addition, Chef Koochooloo will frequently have gift baskets… just for you!

You must sign our NDA agreement that states clearly you are donating your recipe/photos to the Chef Koochooloo team for commercial use. You must submit an average of three new recipes and photos of dishes from your respective country to be added to our app on a monthly basis for as long as you wish to remain in the program. We also ask that each Chef Ambassador makes a blog post about the launch of our app once we have released the app publicly.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) govern your participation in Chef Koochooloo’s Ambassador Program.

Chef Koochooloo may update and change any or all of these Terms from time to time in its sole discretion. If Chef Koochooloo does so, it will inform you of such modified Terms by email to the email address you provided upon enrollment or as updated by you. It is your sole responsibility to ensure Chef Koochooloo has your current email address. Your continued participation in the Program after any such changes have been made shall constitute your consent to such changes.

These Terms should be read in conjunction with Chef Koochooloo’s privacy policy.


1. Role description

Your role as a Chef Ambassador is to act as the expert of cooking and healthy food from your country, and to help advocate Chef Koochooloo to your respective fans and followers.

Onboarding and Role Assumption

  • You will be onboarded by the Chef Koochooloo Community lead who will prepare you to submit your 5 recipes, bio and photo and assume your role as an Ambassador.


2. Title

Your role as a Chef Koochooloo Ambassador is a voluntary position and shall in no way constitute employment by Chef Koochooloo. We hope, however, you will disclose your involvement as a Chef Koochooloo Ambassador publicly both online and offline. We suggest adding the title “Chef Koochooloo Ambassador” to both your Twitter bio and LinkedIn profile so that people can connect with you.


3. Chef Koochooloo Code of Conduct

As a Chef Koochooloo Ambassador, you agree to feature your recipes & photos in the Chef Koochooloo mobile applications and social channels, and online and offline communities globally, so we can help promote your beautiful and delicious work. In exchange we ask that you help promote the launch of our application and once every three months mention your participation in our program to your network.


4. Adoption of Values

By accepting the role of Ambassador, you indicate agreement with Chef Koochooloo Core Values and what the Ambassador must and must not partake in, as specified below.

Our Core Values

  • As a Chef Ambassador, you must share our ethos. Our mission is to improve health, education and happiness of children everywhere in the world.

The Ambassador Must:

  • Submit a minimum of five recipes representing their culture/country to be featured in our app.
  • Display positive sentiment on public and private forums about Chef Koochooloo’s mission, tools, services, classes or culture.
  • Provide honest information to Chef Koochooloo representatives about the Ambassador program.

The Ambassador Must Not:

  • Comment negatively on public and private forums about Chef Koochooloo’s tools, other recipes included in the app, services, employees or culture both online and offline.
  • Provide false information regarding their ambassadorship, ownership to recipes and photos to any representative of Chef Koochooloo.


5. Privacy

Your name, role and Twitter information may and can be publicized online. This allows for the promotion of your brand, and collaboration across regions and for Ambassadors, Chef Koochooloo fans, to connect with you in your capacity as a Chef Koochooloo Ambassador.

Additionally, we maintain an internal database of names, email addresses, and mailing addresses of our Ambassadors. This is shared with Chef Koochooloo staff only.


6. Email Communication

All communication from Chef Koochooloo to you regarding your position as an Ambassador will be via email. The email address used to contact you will be the address you provided to Chef Koochooloo in your Program application. In the event that your email address changes, you must advise our staff so that it can be updated. Following any updates, Chef Koochooloo will use the updated email address for all its communications to you.

Further, by enrolling in the Program, you consent to receive any and all email messages Chef Koochooloo sends to you in your capacity as an Ambassador. All email messages will be taken to be received by you within 2 business days of Chef Koochooloo having sent the email message to the most recently provided email address by you.


7. Commitment Period

You acknowledge and agree that, subject to Article 4 below, your commitment to the Program will be a minimum of 3 months.


8. Anti-Disparagement

As a Chef Koochooloo Ambassador you agree not to disparage Chef Koochooloo in any statement, written or oral, to any person or organization, whether in an online or offline setting. For purposes of this provision, “disparage” shall mean making any negative statement, including without limitation any statement that impugns the character, honesty, integrity, morality or business acumen or abilities of Chef Koochooloo or any of its subsidiaries and affiliates, successors and assigns, officers, directors, employees, servants and agents. You acknowledge and agree that due to the importance Chef Koochooloo places on its brand’s reputation, the promotion of which is the very purpose of the Program, this non-disparagement provision is a material term of this Agreement.


9. Termination of Ambassador Role

9.1 Termination by Chef Koochooloo

At any point, for any reason and without advanced notice, Chef Koochooloo may choose to terminate your role as an Ambassador with immediate effect by providing you with notice via email. Without limiting the foregoing, any breach of these Terms by you will result in immediate termination of your standing as a Chef Koochooloo Ambassador.

9.2. Termination by Ambassador

If at any point after your 3 month commitment you would like to terminate your role as Ambassador, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible. Your termination will be effective once you have received confirmation from a representative of Chef Koochooloo.

9.3 Effects of termination

Upon termination of these Terms and your role as Ambassador by Chef Koochooloo or you, the title of Ambassador shall be immediately revoked and you must immediately stop using the title of Ambassador or present yourself as being affiliated with Chef Koochooloo and its properties in any way other than as a user of  Chef Koochooloo services. In addition, you must remove and cease to use all trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, and other distinctive brand features of Chef Koochooloo on your online or offline profiles and materials as soon as reasonably practicable. Finally, you will not make or post any negative or otherwise disparaging comments or communications in any form about Chef Koochooloo its directors, officers, employees, representatives, or affiliates.

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