About Chef Koochooloo​

Chef Koochooloo, a National Science Foundation and Start it @KBC backed company, provides a curriculum and technological platform that  teaches kids Social Responsibility, Global Competency, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) through cooking healthy international recipes, via dynamic educational apps, interactive services, and engaging curriculum.

Our enrichment program blends humanity’s oldest means of socialization—cooking and eating together—with its most modern academic lessons. With lessons that are societally sensitive, relevant, and aligned with Common Core, New Generation Science Standards (NGSS), IB and ELA standards, the student embarks on a delicious, scientific culinary journey, discovering new countries, cultures, and peoples.

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Our Mission

To cultivate global citizens through healthy, collaborative cooking classes, enriched with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics learning).

Our Vision

To create a global impact and take a consequential step towards ensuring that our youth (exclusive of race, gender, or financial class) grow up healthy, educated, and empowered.

What we do & How we do it!

Chef Koochooloo is a forum where students and educators can discover the world through nutritious, international cooking, enriched STEM content, and “Take Action” segments aiming to educate and inspire kids.

Our application content is created to align with K-5 National Learning Standards, and students are given the opportunity to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math while cooking healthy, culturally sensitive recipes and developing a sense of social responsibility!

We serve parents, teachers, school districts, private corporations, and non-profit organizations. 

Focus on Representation

We are working hard to include recipes and lessons from every country in the world. After our launch and a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, members of our local multicultural communities donated recipes and content they felt represented their home countries.

Our curriculum will eventually include educational content for every nation counted by the United Nations and any region or locality suggested to us. Want to see a recipe, country, or lesson represented? Click here to suggest one!

Our Partners

Our Founders

Layla Sabourian-Tarwé

Founder & CEO

Layla Sabourian is a skilled marketer and community-builder who is  advancing opportunities for inclusive entrepreneurship on a global level,  having taught entrepreneurship in Chile, San Francisco, Mexico, and Russia. She is a graduate of Babson College Goldman Sachs program  in the USA and the University of Westminster International Marketing Masters in the United Kingdom.

Delarai Tarwe

Idea Generator

Delarai is a 4th Grader at Gabriela Mistral Elementary School. At age 10, Delarai served as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world; she acts as our Chief Chef and idea generator. Delarai continues to personally test the recipes we include in the app and also makes regular TV appearances.

Antoine Tarwe

Chief Operating Officer

Antoine is a product of working on the right and left sides of his brain. With a background in electrical engineering technology and design, Antoine expanded his expertise in the areas of front-end web development, product design, finance, and operations, during his graduate studies at Santa Clara University. Antoine is responsible for driving the overall technical product development, strategy and  roadmap for Chef Koochooloo.

Our Team


Dr. Ksenia A. Korobkova

Postdoctoral researcher and product manager

Kenna Elliott

Illustrator Intern

Ennio Lanzo

Illustrator & Graphic Designer intern


Husna Fatima

Executive Assistant and content specialist

Our Advisors

Dr. Lance Vikaros

Consultant (Long time designer, producer and researcher of ed-tech)

Dr. Michael Brenner

Professor of Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics at Harvard University

Dr. Richard Zare

Educational Researcher

Parham Akhavan

Cosmetic and Implant Dentist

Dr. Kip Tellez

Professor at UC Santa Cruz

Emeline Fellus

Director of FReSH

Dr. Michael Barnes

Long time designer, producer and researcher of ed-tech

Dr. Daniel Zoughbie

Social & Behavioral Scientist

Chef Koochooloo



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