Our Mission:

To cultivate global citizens through healthy, collaborative cooking classes, enriched with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics learning).

Our Vision:

To improve the health, happiness and education of children worldwide with our dynamic curriculum and engaging gamified technology.

Meet the Team!

The Founding Team

Delarai Tarwe
Delarai TarweIdea Generator
The inspiration behind Chef Koochooloo, “Delarai” is officially the world’s youngest entrepreneur.
Bubbling with personality, Delarai launched Chef Koochooloo with an affection for both cultural diversity and healthy cooking. Every recipe lesson plan developed for Chef Koochooloo goes through Delarai, she actively cooks, listens to the fun facts and adds her personal touch to each dish. Delarai is attending third grade in Gabriella Mistral Elementary school in Mountain View, and is fluent in four languages. Delarai takes her studies seriously and ensures she takes time to help her community.
Layla Sabourian–Tarwé
Layla Sabourian–Tarwé Founder & CEO
Layla’s passion for community development and social change ignited after teaching cooking to underprivileged kids living in Guadalajara, Mexico. At 21, Layla opened a restaurant with a friend and ran it successfully before launching her career with LVMH in France. In 2005, Layla moved to Silicon Valley and launched a number of successful communities for world known brands including Yahoo! eBay. Layla is passionate about helping people all over the world live better, and her daughter Delarai was the inspiration behind Chef Koochooloo.
Antoine Tarwe
Antoine TarweOperations and Finance Guru
Antoine has a technical background, 10 years of expertise in product and business development roles, and loves to work with anything involving numbers. He moved to Silicon Valley in 2003 and began a career in electronics. With a passion in caring for kids through fun activities he became a certified camp youth leader at 20. His dream is to bring Chef Koochooloo to a global audience.


Dr. Haining Zhu
Dr. Haining ZhuUser Experience Research Lead and Human Computer Interaction
Haining received her Ph.D. degree in Informatics and minor in Statistics from The College of Information Sciences and Technology at Pennsylvania State University. Her research lies at the intersection of people, information, and technology. She utilizes user-centered design and consumer-driven approaches to explore how people produce, gather, interpret, use, and share their personal data. Her work has resulted in the identification of novel HCI insights and actionable design recommendations for tailored technologies.
Shanni Liu
Shanni LiuTechnology & Culinary Education Researcher and Instructor
With a great passion for education, Shanni has switched her career from an award-winning marketing professional at Prada Fragrances to education because she wants to make a more profound impact. After receiving a STEM master’s degree in Learning Sciences and Technologies from the University of Pennsylvania, now she has years of proven experience in teaching and designing technology-enriched learning and instructional products. In addition, she has worked and studied in the US, Switzerland, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
Dr. Patricia Langford
Dr. Patricia LangfordSteam Expert
Dr. Patricia Langford is a former Nutrition and Food safety Director for the government of Mexico, who has already begun to work with Chef Koochooloo towards the alignment of our curriculum with what elementary schools need/desire in the USA.
Dr. Gratiana Pol
Dr. Gratiana PolData Scientist
is the data scientist on staff for Chef Koochooloo. She worked as a Data Scientist at United Talent Agency. Dr. Pol holds a Ph.D. in marketing/consumer psychology from the University of Southern California and has extensive experience in the area of designing and conducting research studies, both in an academic and a commercial context, and across a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods. For the current project she will develop the measurement instruments for the research portion of the project, conduct the statistical data analyses, and provide the result interpretation.
Nitish Rai
Nitish RaiTechnical Product Assist
Experienced Software Developer currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at Globallogic, India. He has 5 years of experience in development but far superior in knowledge. He does smart work and is very enthusiastic about his work.
He is skilled in the various Technology stack and is very keen to work in Cloud Technologies as his area of interest. He would like to help others in their work in any matter.
Jason Rodriguez Hand
Jason Rodriguez HandMedia Intern
Jason holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interactive Media with a Concentration in Game Design. As a digital artist, Jason has the ability to create and edit assets and media. With his knowledge and experience in game design, he can assist in gamification processes, to ensure that the learning opportunities are as fun as they are insightful.

Justin Rodriguez-Hand
Justin Rodriguez-HandMedia Intern
Justin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interactive Media with a Concentration in Game Design, and a minor in Creative Writing from Bradley University. An individual who favors working in teams, Justin offers skills of working with multimedia in the form of creating and editing. He also brings knowledge and experience of game design, hoping to make learning more dynamic and engaging through gamification.
Mohadeseh KhazaeeEducational Researcher
Mohadeseh is a PhD candidate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). She is writing her thesis in educational gamification and English vocabulary learning. She is cooperating with the Chef Koochooloo team as an educational researcher.
ArunNutritionist and lifestyle coach


Tom Kalinske
Tom Kalinske Executive Chairman of Global Education Learning
Dr. Michael brenner
Dr. Michael brennerProfessor of Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics at Harvard University
Dr. Kip Tellez
Dr. Kip TellezDean of Education UC Santa Cruz University
Gerard DuBois
Gerard DuBois Chief Program Officer, Head of Data Driven Science to Solutions Organization at IBM
Scott Brewster
Scott BrewsterChief Operating Officer at Triad Interactive Media and Partnership Director at Hats & Ladders, inc
Paul Albuquerque
Paul AlbuquerqueINSEAD Associate Professor of Marketing and Chair
Richard Zare
Richard ZareTech-Ed Chemistry & Science Advisor (Stanford University)
Heather Stinnett
Heather StinnettK-5 Education Expert Advisor