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Director of Operations

Unprecedented in scope and depth, Chef Koochooloo is an innovative educational platform that engages families in fun interactive cooking games while teaching math, science and geography to children, and raising awareness for worldwide causes. Harvesting the delicious and discarding the mundane, Chef Koochooloo ignites a sense of fun and curiosity in children. Our customized recipes [...]

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Quell Difficult Emotions Using The Power Of Healthy Food

Currently there are an estimated 1 billion people who are overweight worldwide (1 in 7), according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Of these billion people, at least 300 million of them are classified as clinically obese. The numbers of overweight and obese people are rising quicky and the crisis is just as severe amongst [...]

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Visual Designer and Researcher (UX, UI)

Job Description: Elementary School Education Software Product Designer with expertise in UX, UI, and User Research Chef Koochooloo is a grant-funded social enterprise, with a passion for making games that will stimulate, entertain, and leave a lasting, positive impression. We pride ourselves on contributing to the local community and creating a positive impact on the [...]

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