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Sunday Funday: What a Great Day!

On my second week as a Database Manager and Web Development Intern, Our Chief Chef Officer, Layla Sabourian-Tarwé, and her family were kind enough to invite us over to her lovely home and organized a team-building activity. What a great way to spend a day of our week to get to know each other in [...]

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Interactive Media Internship: Unpaid

Photography, Video Creation & Interactive Media Internship Do you wish to get involved with an international project and showcase your beautiful art and video work in a soon to be published book and web application? Our Silicon Valley-based startup, Chef Koochooloo is a mobile + social + educational platform that teaches kids about geography and [...]

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Celebrate your Valentine’s Day with a little Mexican flavor

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I (Cindy) decided to share a few facts about why I love this day and the sweet chocolate that comes with it. I am quite the romantic, and I love Valentine’s Day because it gives you an excuse to celebrate with people you care about. In Mexico, this celebration is not [...]

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A Day with the World’s Youngest Entrepreneur!

During my second week of internship at Chef Koochooloo, I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with the Idea Generator and Co-founder behind our lively Social Enterprise. Delarai is certainty the most unique Five year old I ever met.  She began her company at age 4, (with the support of her parents, specially her [...]

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