Chef Koochooloo Early Stage California based Startup

Our Silicon Valley based startup, Chef Koochooloo is a mobile + social + educational platform that teaches kids about geography and social responsibility through cooking. Check out our Indiegogo campaign to learn more about our company:

• Team Oriented FUN Environment
• You’re Not Micro-Managed
• Professional and Personal Growth and Development
• Learn Several Facets of Running a Startup
• Learn How to Develop yourself as a Leader

Position: Entry Level Sales & Marketing Manager

Responsibilities: New Customer Acquisitions, Sales, Brand Management, Social Media and Blogger Outreach, Training and Team Development

2 Reasons People work in the entry-level position for our Startup:

1. Get Entry Level Experience and Build their Resumes
– Get the 2 to 5 years of experience that other companies demand their candidates have. Throughout the entry level gain experience in:

• Sales and Marketing
• Teaching and Training
• Public Speaking Training
• Leadership Development
• Team Development and Management
• Time Management Systems
• Graphic design and user experience

2. Build a Career in Management, Marketing, & Development of yourself and others – Our Management Training program teaches someone from an entry level position how to become an effective manager of a team of 20+.

Some of your main responsibilities will include:

• Teacher Development
• Office Management
• Business Development
• Marketing
• Social Media and Community Outreach

Since our inception one year ago we have launched our program in a number of schools and have been able to do this while also maintaining top customer satisfaction and recognition from them.

Although this position is entry level, we are seeking candidates who have a good eye for design, and come in with great communication skills, sense of logic, and ability to be an independent learner. We offer additional training and mentoring.


The culture of our company is vital to continued growth and success. Our team consists ONLY of individuals that demonstrate:

• Enthusiasm, Energy and Positivity
• Ability to work in Teams & Individually
• High levels of Integrity
• Leadership Ability
• Determination and Follow-Through
• Genuine Desire to Help children
• Trust
• Ambition and Drive
• Passion for food and technology

If you feel like these qualities describe you, please apply now and contact us at