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Technology in the Classroom? A teacher’s perspective

Technology is everywhere in today's world. This powerful tool is changing our lives. Education is just beginning to explore the potential technology provides for teaching and learning, and teachers are using technology in the classroom more frequently than ever before. Technology is changing teaching and the way students learn, but is it really helping teachers [...]

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I Love the Chef Koochooloo Program!

My name is Jenny and I am an international student from China, studying marketing. The concept of Chef Koochooloo is very new to me. The teachers teach kids how to cook and at the same time teaching them basic history, science, and geography. This totally different from my experiences in my native country. In China, [...]

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It’s so Nice, I get to do it Twice!

On my second day volunteering, the recipe that the kids made was called Black-eyed Bean Salad. It’s a dish that originated from a country in the African continent, Senegal. Its capital is the city of Dakar has a population of 13 million. Senegal’s official language is French.  The type of instruction is interactive where kids [...]

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My First Chef Koochooloo Experience

My name is Citlaly Jimenez, a De Anza College student and currently studying psychology and child development. I have always loved kids and cooking, which made volunteering for Chef Koochooloo a perfect fit for me! I was a little nervous on my first day of teaching at Fairwood Elementary, but overall, I was filled with [...]

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Top Five Persian Dishes Every Kid in the World Should Make!

Let’s face it, as a Mom you are forever in search of the perfect nutritional dishes for your little bundles of joy. Being Persian, I benefit from centuries of culinary wisdom and deliciousness. With the Iranian new -year coming up, I thought I would share with you our gift of tasty treats that Iran has [...]

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Sunday Funday: What a Great Day!

On my second week as a Database Manager and Web Development Intern, Our Chief Chef Officer, Layla Sabourian-Tarwé, and her family were kind enough to invite us over to her lovely home and organized a team-building activity. What a great way to spend a day of our week to get to know each other in [...]

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Celebrate your Valentine’s Day with a little Mexican flavor

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I (Cindy) decided to share a few facts about why I love this day and the sweet chocolate that comes with it. I am quite the romantic, and I love Valentine’s Day because it gives you an excuse to celebrate with people you care about. In Mexico, this celebration is not [...]

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A Day with the World’s Youngest Entrepreneur!

During my second week of internship at Chef Koochooloo, I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with the Idea Generator and Co-founder behind our lively Social Enterprise. Delarai is certainty the most unique Five year old I ever met.  She began her company at age 4, (with the support of her parents, specially her [...]

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Our First day at Fairwoods Elementary

My name is Kevin Harold and just began an internship for Chef Koochooloo. Yesterday was my first time participating as a teacher in a classroom setting at Fairwoods Elementary School. (I am a Business Administrator major, so you can imagine my surprise when I was told I had a chance to come to the classroom [...]

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The Journey to Chef Koochooloo

Hi, my name is Layla Sabourian Tarwé and I am the founder of Chef Koochooloo. I often get asked how I came up with the idea for Chef Koochooloo, and, truth be told, it wasn’t due to a sudden epiphany that the World needed an app that would guide families to cook together. In fact, [...]

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